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4 Unique Tours

These “unique” tours were born out of our passion for this country. Sometimes when we travel the experience is so magical, we feel a need to share the stunning countryside, the magical places, meetings and unforgettable moments. Sometimes, selfishly, we want to keep the secret to ourselves. Our intense passion for travel has created a desire to share four very different tours which reflect the amazing diversity of this country.


Forgotten Valleys
Away from the crowds and the cities, there are small forgotten valleys waiting to be explored. Some are so close to neighbouring Burma and Laos that you might think you are in one of these countries.
The northernmost province of Thailand has a rich diversity of people and landscapes. In the mountainous area of Mae Kham with its undulating hills housing tea plantations, you follow roads to remote, hidden villages. Sometimes, the only way to meet the different ethnic groups is by using a 4x4. Other winding roads take you to edge of cliffs, inaccessible ramparts with the wonderful panorama of the Mekong meandering through the plains of Laos. On the ridges of the Angkhang region, it is forever spring. Depending on the season, you may be lucky enough to taste wild strawberries but year round you will marvel at the unspoilt countryside. Every day is different with stunning lush flora hiding small villages which are scattered through the magnificent scenery. This is how you reach the northern capital of Chiang Mai and a whole new set of unforgettable memories.

Perplexing Isan
The largest region of Thailand (by surface area) and one of the most misunderstood parts of the country. The Isan people are rightly proud of their region with its beautiful plateau. Each part of the region has a rich culture with many Khmer temples spread through the countryside. Isan is a land of contrasts with parched terrain in the dry season and emerald green rice fields during the green (rainy) season. During the dry season, many villages weave wondrous silks of different designs and colours – “gold drips from their fingers”. There are several national parks within the plateau; some are home to rare species which live in the dense forests. Some house prehistoric paintings which tell the story of the human race thousands of years ago. The plateau overlooks the Mekong and neighbouring Laos. You will love the hospitality and friendliness of the local people and if you happen to pass through a village when there is a wedding or a local festival, don’t be surprised if you are invited to join in. The history of Isan merges with the history of the Khmer Empire in the south and the people share a similar language and cuisine with Laos. You will find numerous festivals, boat races and rocket festivals in the rainy season and an elephant festival in November. In short a celebration of the joy of life where you will be invited to join in: Isan will wrap itself around you like the beautiful silks from the region – how can you resist?

If we liken the wonders of nature to a cathedral, then Kanchanaburi is the choir. The third largest region of Thailand contains some of the most stunning, unspoilt countryside. There are no luxury hotels here, just small tracks to follow through breathtaking natural surroundings. Thamlod National Park opens up a clearing of rocks surrounded by lush forests. The different National Parks offer lakes that are crossed by small ferries, waterfalls and natural pools, small islands and floating villages which appear like mirages. Dotted through the landscape are places where flowers and sugar cane are grown. Bordered by other Thai provinces on one side and a thin strip of Burma on the other, Sangkilaburi is a sleepy part of Thailand that reveals itself gradually as you pass from one discovery to the next; from a boat on the lake, from a local market or from a Karen village. Your “rite of passage” finishes in the region of Pilok which nestles between the Burmese border and a mountain road which passes through the forest and offers some spectacular views. Small traditional homes in the bottom of the valley, villages clinging to the hillside along the border with Burma give the impression that you have reached one of the far flung corners of the world. Your return to Kanchanaburi slowly brings you back to reality and leaves you wondering if it all was real?

Each time friends visit, it’s the same thing - the next time, you have to take them to see… This time you stay with them in the confines of the “City of Angels” to show them the Bangkok you love. The discovery is unhurried using the subway, river-bus, tuk-tuk and car. You zig-zag on foot through narrow streets where the gentle rhythm of life reminds you of life in a village. You stop in a market to buy an amulet, you enjoy a “boran coffee”on the edge of a pier, you follow a small canal to return to the skyscrapers, shopping malls and Museum of Modern Art. In the evening, you go to the Flower Market close to the magical river. You explore the wonderful madness of Chinatown with its chaotic stalls and congestion. On the other side of Chao Praya, you take a bike along the tree-lined lanes – the green heart of Bangkok where you feel as if you are far from a major city. In the early morning, you try your hand at Tai Chi in Lumpini, in the afternoon, a shopping spree in the huge market at Chatuchak. Another day and it’s a boat and train ride in Ampawa unless you prefer a guided tour by tuk-tuk of the ancient capital of Ayutthaya. There is so much to see, so much to enjoy – it seems like its too much and time is too short. Never mind, the next time you visit you can go to …….

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