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Asia, and especially South-East Asia, certainly has some of the best hotels in the world.

Some of the most beautiful hotels, the finest resorts and boutique hotels have been created in this part of the world. Well-known in the world of tourism and hospitality, they combine charm, luxury and the latest innovations.
These wonderful places to stay can be found in the heart of the capital, at the edge of sublime beaches and landscapes, close to amazing archaeological sites and even nestled in remote villages.

Thailand is renowned in Asia for the charm, warmth and gentleness of its people and all of these qualities can be found in its hotels.

Boutique hotels in the heart of an historical city, hotels of your dreams fringed with coconut palms sitting on the edge of the beach, luxury hotels, small resorts in sheltered valleys or on the edge of a village, exclusive hotels and amazingly designed hotels; there is all this choice and much more for the discerning traveller.

Thailand offers an exceptional choice of quality hotels and we are always looking for “new pearls” to add to our collection of hotels so we can offer you the best options for your holiday; hotels to make you dream and make you want to come back again and again. We have chosen prestigious hotels, luxury hotels, unique hotels, awe-inspiring hotels based on their location, their decor and the warmth of the welcome which is the soul of any hotel; this is what we offer to all our clients.


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