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Forests of stone trapped by giant Banyan trees, Cambodia will remind you of a childhood dream, a dream of adventures in a faraway place, in search of ancient civilizations and discovering lost cities.

It was early one morning, when my entire spirit was absorbed by the stone guards that protect the entrance to Angkor Thom and I had to prove I was worthy to enter the sacred temples of Siem Reap. Secret, surprising and emotive places together with hidden temples form a maze of gardens to discover and browse around as if reading an immense book.

This enigmatic country is home to Tonle Sap, an inland tidal lake which, depending on the time of year, reverses its flow with the River Mekong and can be considered the womb of the country without which the Angkor civilization would probably never have emerged. The River Mekong traces its path from the borders with Laos, through the country to its delta in South Vietnam.

From Battambang with its villages containing beautiful wooden houses and emerald green rice fields to the other provinces of the north and the east, you will find stone temples, remote villages and where the dust raised by your feet mixes with the setting sun to create a golden coating on the leaves of the palm trees. Our partner in Cambodia is like us; they will tempt your desires and pepper your memories with images of golden dust and the web-covered stones of the temples. They are true craftsmen who will help you to explore and select the best places to stay to meet your wishes and your culinary tastes.

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