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4 Classic Tours

A Discovery
This programme is a perfect introduction to Thailand. From Bangkok with it’s mix of history and ultra-modernism, you go to the central plains of Thailand (the centre of rice production), the historical sites of the ancient capitals of Ayuthaya and Sukhotai, with not to be missed stops in local villages and markets sitting on the banks of the rivers where the true heart of the country “beats”. You continue north where the heritage of the ancient principalities can still be found in the customs and daily life of the local people. Around Chiang Rai & Chiang Mai, you find lush green valleys with many orchards and farms. The mountains shelter numerous small villages and offer stunning views. As the country reveals itself to you with new experiences every day; the different modes of transport, varied ethnic groups and culinary delights – the small things that add together to make a great holiday and fill your suitcase with many souvenirs and fill your heart with a desire to come back.

Transport Me
This programme is the perfect way to discover Thailand taking you deeper into the country along less well-travelled routes. Of course, Bangkok (the city of angels) has more to offer and is always alluring. You also go to Isaan, the great plateau of the north-east, which has a rich history and you can still find echoes of the glorious days of the Khmer empire and where the stone goddesses still whisper to those who listen. It is also the centre of silk production in Thailand. As you zig-zag between the plateau and the plains and the plains to the mountains, you will find yourself experiencing a wave of different emotions. In a local village, in the shade of one of the village homes, you may meet one of the village elders sharing their living memories which will be translated by your guide. Each day, as you pass through the ancient Lanna Kingdom to Isaan, you will find yourself seduced by the diversity of each region, the varied colours of the countryside & the different ethnic communities which all beat as one in this beautiful country. Each step you take reveals the history of the region, each step you take offers a new promise, and each step you take transports you into a different dream.

Legends of the North
We take you to the north of the country, to the ancient kingdom of Lanna fashioned by a rich diversity of historical influences. It brings together the Shan people, brothers from Burma, minorities and their culture originating from Yunan in China and people from the nearby valleys of Laos. They all share a common spirit and culture while retaining their traditional roots. The journey from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai brings a whirlwind of emotions and stunning scenery for you to enjoy. Come and discover the rich history of the cultivation of timber which has created the wonderful teak houses of Lambang and Phrae. In the region of Nan, you succumb to the charm of ancient temples, colourful markets and the ribbon of small roads running across the mist covered mountains bordering Laos. You have to pass through hidden valleys, mountains and forests before your reach the point on the north where Thailand meets Laos & Burma. It’s at the junction of these cultures, bordered by the Mekong, that you finish your journey through the history of the people, a true rite of passage.

Siam – From North to South
From the borders of the North to the shores of the South, no matter how you travel, you will discover a country which stretches almost 2,000 kilometres. From the mist covered northern mountains embroidered with numerous tea plantations, you descend to the Central Plains. The plains are the birthplace of the ancient temples, where golden temples mix with rice fields and where small villages are hidden by the lush, green countryside. From the verdant landscapes of the west, from Kanchanaburi criss-crossed by many rivers where the unspoilt jungle is protected by the local people, from sugar cane plantations to plantations of palm trees, the roads wind their way down to the south. The coasts are lined with coconut palms and Casuarina trees and the gentle sea breeze whispers through their leaves and you can stroll through the gently breaking waves. When you arrive near Surat, the colours become more intense, the curries become spicier and the towns become rarer. The colourful boats of the fishermen contrast with the blue of the sea, the karstic peaks of Krabi are covered in lush vegetation except where the sun breaks through to fade the colours of the foliage. It is an encounter with nature, with a human mosaic, with different accents and where the pointed roofs of the temples are replaced by golden domes. The flora enriches each region, the infinite views and veils of mist fall into the Andaman Sea and leave an unforgettable memory.

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