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The Butler Company boasts a team of dedicated professionals who have many years’ experience.

With a passion for each destination, we deliver the best that Thailand has to offer coupled with service excellence. Using the latest technology, but also working as true “craftsmen”, in addition to our unrivalled knowledge of Thailand, we bring that “something special” which is essential to any holiday, adventure or relaxing break…

Our expert knowledge of this country and our constant search for new holidays, magical destinations & different and unique hotels means we can offer an endless array of holiday ideas to suit all tastes. Our expertise allows us to focus on your wishes and prepare a tailor-made holiday adapted to those wishes.

We take the time to understand you and your preferences.

It may be your first visit to Thailand or you may already have a knowledge of Thai culture; you may be looking for spectacular countryside, small villages, hidden away places or warm sandy beaches; you may have a love for archaeology, colourful markets or you may prefer to enjoy the varied tastes of the local cuisine; you may want to pamper yourself and relax, play a few rounds of golf, go on a shopping spree or you may just want to sit back and dream. Our team can offer all this and much more and will find the holiday that you are looking for.


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