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What is the best time to visit Thailand?

The best time to visit is all year round!!!

Each season and each region of this country, which is over 2,000 kilometres long, offers something unique and wonderful with many festivals throughout the year.

The high season runs from November to March and corresponds to the dry season. It is also the time of year when temperatures are at their coolest, especially in the north between mid-November and late January. In October & November, nature is at it’s peak and in most regions crops are harvested through to the end of December. The high season is also the preferred period for most Europeans who visit the beaches and small islands fringed with coconut palms and dive into the stunning tropical seas between Krabi and Malaysia & those close to Myanmar. It is the best time to visit the many national parks and to trek in unspoiled surroundings. You may wish to visit the centre of the country, the cradle of Thai civilization and rice production, with it’s national parks and wildlife; you may wish to visit the north-east with its rich Khmer heritage and many villages; or it could be the north with it’s stunning mountain scenery and ethnic minorities; or perhaps the south with it’s beaches, rainforests, fishing villages and subequatorial crops. All of this wonderful country is available to you…

Between March and June, it’s the summer season – the best time to enjoy the beaches and often with less expensive prices. Isaan, the north-east region which represents one third of the country, offers a unique mix of Thai, Khmer and Lao culture and heritage. The region is bordered to the north and east by the River Mekong and is well-known for it’s Khmer temples, archaeological sites, traditional villages and the warmth of the welcome from the local people. During the dry season in many villages, women use their skilled hands to weave shimmering silks and may be ready to share their secrets with you. Across the country it is also the holiday season with the Thai New Year falling in mid-April (celebrated at the same time in Laos, Cambodia & Myanmar). It’s definitely a festival not to be missed and above all to share in the fun atmosphere!

The “Green” season (monsoon period) follows the dry season and runs from June – July to October. Contrary to popular belief, it does not rain all the time nor every day and the rains are often short and bring some welcome relief from the heat & humidity. If you dream of lush, green countryside, or dream of the amazing greens & yellows of the rice-fields, or scenes of the local people planting their rice crops; if you dream of steamy tropical rainforests under colourful skies or of the sound of the rain as you take shelter and sip an iced tea; then this is the season for you. It is also the preferred season for the more adventurous traveller who wishes to go kayaking or rafting, especially in the north and north-east of the county. There is all this and more with the beautiful islands and beaches of Samui (where the monsoon happens a little later). Most importantly, all this is waiting to be discovered.

So, each region and each season offers something unique throughout the year, whether its stunning landscapes, diverse cultures, celebrations or festivals; all coupled with the renowned kindness of the Thai people, shopping, wonderful cuisine… Every moment and every place offers and enchanting experience that you will want to share with your family & friends

So, when is the best time to visit Thailand?
It’s right now! And it’s magical!


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